Photo of Vishakha Agrawal
Photo of Vishakha Agrawal
Vishakha Agrawal | College Student

On June 13, 2021, WiMLDS hosted a meetup for Code, Coffee, and Quarantine, a series of interactive virtual meetups dedicated to networking, sharing advice for projects, and teaching machine learning topics. During this meetup, Vishakha Agrawal, a college student seeking to obtain a Ph.D. and take a focus on natural language processing, presented the “Social Impact of Machine Learning Systems.” In her presentation, she discussed ethical issues with machine learning (ML) models and their biases.

Ethical Biases of Machine Learning Models

Agrawal begins her presentation by discussing how ML models’ social impacts can often be overlooked. For example, Agrawal explains how a model for predicting sexuality…

Serialization from GeeksForGeeks (First Source)

Recently I was working on a project for my IB Computer Science class and was presented with the task of saving and reloading multiple objects to a text file before reloading them back into the same program. For background on my project, I created multiple classes which could inherit from one another to make a very basic character customizer for the game Kirby (only the best video game). In this article I will be explaining how I saved and reloaded any data I had created. You can find the GitHub repository of the full program here:

Project Run Through

Ashley Raigosa

I am a student interested in AI and promoting diversity in tech :)

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